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8~64 Pin IDC/IDS Flat Ribbon Cable Crimper

      8~64 Pin IDC/IDS Flat Ribbon Cable Crimper

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      With this special hand tool, hobbyists can make a flat ribbon cable with precise connections. This crimper works on the socket range from 8 to 64 pins. The cushion stalled on the clamp is made of ABS, so it will not damage the pin header and the plastic socket.


      • Material: steel with plastic grips
      • Length: 24cm
      • Cable types: 10 through 60 conductor
      • Ribbon Cable: 20 through 80 conductor High Density Ribbon Cable
      • Male or Female IDC & IDS Crimp Types: DB9, DB15, DB25 or DB37 pin ; Centronics 26, 36 or 50pin; HPDB68 SCSI-3 / LVD; Header 10pin through 60pin