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Kelvin Clips with 4mm Banana Plug Test Lead Set

      Kelvin Clips with 4mm Banana Plug Test Lead Set

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      Two 0.94m (37 in.) long probes with alligator style clips, each with opposing blade source and sense connections to color coded standard safety banana plugs. Designed for applications requiring Kelvin connection to wires, axial leaded components, and other terminals able to be clipped onto. The miniature blade design accommodates narrow available width applications as well as general lighter duty applications. The maximum jaw opening is 9.14mm (0.36 in.) and the blade width is 2.92mmm (0.115 in.).


      • Max. voltage: 42V
      • Metal contact material: gold-plated brass
      • Insulation material: ABS
      • Temperature resistance: 125 degrees centigrade
      • Cable length: 80cm
      • Banana plug diameter: 4mm
      • Clip jaw opening: 9.14mm
      • Blade width: 2.92mm
      • Banana plug installation: screw type
      • Application: LCR testing device