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Micro Pen Actuator with Feedback

      Micro Pen Actuator with Feedback

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      The FIRGELLI® Micro Pen Linear Actuator is only 16mm in dia yet packs a punch and also offers a Hall sensor Feedback for extremely precise positional control, and Overload protection all in this tiny package. This model offers two force options: 20N (4.5-lbs) and 50N (11-lbs) with stroke lengths of 20mm – 100mm in 20mm increments. 

      This Micro Actuator is well suited for Robotics, consumer electronics and hidden flaps and panels, and Robotics applications. 


      FA-BS16-4-12-(Stroke) FA-BS16-11-(Stroke) FA-BS16-22-(Stroke)
      Push/Pull Force 20N (4.5-lbs) 50N (11-lbs) 100N (22-lbs)
      Static Force 30N (6.75-lbs) 75N (16.5-lbs) 100N (33-lbs)
      Speed at no load 15mm/sec  (0.6”/sec) 5.8mm/sec  (0.22”/sec) 3mm/sec  (0.22”/sec)
      Voltage 12V 12V 12V
      Max Current at full load 0.3A 0.3A 0.3A
      Duty Cycle 50% 
      Operating Temp. Range 23°F to 149°F (-5°C to 65°C)
      Protection Class IP66 
      No Load Noise Level 50-65 dB
      Diameter (16mm)  0.62" 
      Outer Housing Material Aluminum T6063
      Expansion Rod Material Stainless Steel 304
      Limit Switch  Built-In non-adjustable 
      Feedback Hall Effect Sensor
      Revolutions per inch stroke  0.2 inches (5.08mm)
      Hall sensor pulses per revolution 360PPR
      Feedback Voltage 5V
      Cable Length 0.5 feet
      Stroke Length

      Retracted Length

      (Hole to Hole)

      Extended Length

      (Hole to Hole)

      Weight Gram (Ounce) STEP File
      20mm (0.78") 140mm (5.5")
      160mm (6.3") 49 (1.7)
      40mm (1.57") 160mm (6.3") 200mm (7.87")
      59 (2.0)
      60mm (2.36") 180mm (7.08") 240mm (9.44") 63 (2.22)
      80mm (3.14") 200mm (7.87") 280mm (11") 75 (2.64)
      100mm (4") 220mm (8.66")
      320mm (12.59") 81 (2.85)



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