Outdoor TV Cabinet - With built in TV lift

      Outdoor TV Cabinet - With built in TV lift

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      Outdoor TV Cabinet Description:

      Enjoy the picture quality you expect from an indoor TV at your favorite place outside of your home. This weatherproof Pop-Up outdoor cabinet with a built-in TV lift allows you to watch TV outdoors using an Indoor TV. A sleek, tough-built weatherproof outdoor TV lift cabinet for all your media gear including flat-screen television, cable box, Blu-Ray player, and game box. The innovative lift system raises and lowers by remote control concealing the television when not in use, whilst hiding your TV out of sight. 

      What Size TV Can I use?

      You can use up to a 50" TV or any TV up to a max width of 46.25" wide. Depth and height are non-issue.  As a guide, a Samsung TU7000 series 50" TV is 44" wide.

      Can I use a regular indoor TV in this cabinet outside? 

      Yes, you can, we have had a regular Indoor LG LCD TV left outside in our Outdoor TV Cabinet for over 5 years now in the northwest of America which is the wettest part of the USA without any issues. The TV is inside the TV cabinet which is already a waterproof Cabinet and to this day that same TV works just fine.  So don't be fooled when people tell you don't use a regular TV outside, this is simply not true unless of course, you are exposing the TV to the rain or snow directly without any covering. 

      Weather-Resistant Outdoor TV Cabinet  (IP55 Rated) 

      An Outdoor TV lift cabinet that keeps your tv enclosed when not in use, is your year-round solution for outdoor entertainment. Its IP55 Weather-Resistant rating delivers performance and protection from the outdoor elements.

      Raise Your Standards of Outdoor Living and Entertainment. Wow, your neighbors, keeps that expensive TV hidden, suitable with regular indoor TVs, no need for an expensive outdoor TV. Make this outdoor tv lift cabinet the main piece in your outdoor entertainment center.

      Watch the game outside or enjoy watching movies under the stars with this hidden tv unit. Ideal for all outdoor spaces, indoor events. Using FIRGELLI TV lift technology - as seen on HGTV - as well as quality manufacturing to provide a seamless fit and finish.  

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      Outdoor TV Cabinet Specifications:

      • Modern design - Will match with any décor
      • Innovative quick disconnect Lid to prevent trapping fingers when TV Lift is retracting back into the cabinet. Also allows access to the TV during a power outage
      • Comes assembled, just attach the TV mounting bracket and your TV. 
      • High-grade steel, LLDPE, and aluminum construction of the TV Lift Mechanism
      • Whisper quiet - less than 5dB over ambient conditions
      • Universal mounting for TVs up to 50”
      • Lifts up to 135 lbs in total weight.
      • Fully extends in 21 seconds
      • Water-resistant with a temperature range of -40c to 70c degrees
      • Power bar that plugs into 110V outlet is included inside
      • The power cable runs out the back of the cabinet - included.
      • A rubber grommet is placed in the hole. Space available for additional cables, if needed
      • Weighs 120 lbs without TV
      • Winter cover Included
      • Patent pending
      • TV not included
      • TV Cabinet shape designed to withstand high winds.
      • Compatible with Rust-Oleum® American Accents® Stone Spray if you wish to change colors click here 

      Cabinet Dimensions

      Cabinet Dimensions
      (H) 33” X (W) 54” X (D) 15.25” Max. 

      Television Dimensions (max.)
      (H) 29” X (W) 46.25” X (D) 3.5” 

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      White Stone Sample
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