Linear Actuators

We provide clients with a wide range of linear actuators, varying in speed, stroke, length, force, and size. For your convenience, we have divided this vast product line-up into several categories for quick and easy procurement.

TV Lifts

Sometimes having a big screen isn’t enough. If you are anything like the thousands of people who have decided to take their entertainment to a new level (pun intended) you may be interested in attaching your television screen to a Firgelli Automations TV lift.

Table Lifts

Currently trending at the workplace and at home is the use of the electric table lift. Our kits make it easy to convert our existing desk or table into an electric marvel in no time at all. Electric table lifts will change the working height of your surface allowing you to stand or sit while using your desk.

Column Lifts

The latest addition to the Firgelli Automations product family is our column lift units. Featuring the latest in linear motion technology/ quieter motors.

Slide Rails

In keeping with the theme of linear motion, Firgelli Automations offers three lines of linear slide rails, also known as guide rails for stabilization.

Mounting Brackets

Often forgotten by suppliers, is the need to easily mount and install your products. Your mounting brackets must be as versatile as your application.