About Us


FIRGELLI was established in 2002. The brand name was invented by the founder, Robbie Dickson, who designed and manufactured the first linear actuators ever sold online and made available to the general public. From there the brand name has grown to become synonymous with quality, affordability, and accessibility. Firgelli is now recognized word-wide as being a global provider for TV Lifts, linear actuators, and many other products designed to support a huge range of industries and applications. We have a large inventory of actuators to fit every purpose and are continuously developing and designing new models.

"FIRGELLI is a dependable source for trusted names such as NASA, SpaceX, General Motors, Tesla Motors, General Atomics, and many more. The applications of our products extend from TV lifts and automated furniture, to armored vehicles, all the way to advanced air-brake spoilers for supercars."   Robbie Dickson, CEO 

Our Aim

Since its inception in 2002, FIRGELLI has developed a wide range of products to match an ever-changing landscape of applications, with the goal of offering our customers the best possible return on investment. FIRGELLI seeks to provide high quality products at competitive prices, backed by first-rate customer service.  We stock our products in a secure facility, and offer same day shipping on orders placed prior to our shipping cut-off. Let FIRGELLI  "Put Your Dreams in Motion."  

We Promise

By Providing

So You Achieve

First Class Service Friendly and Helpful Staff Quick and Simple Solutions
Top Grade Quality Tested and Proven Products A Reliable Care-Free Experience
A Business First Approach Support with Special Applications A Higher Return on Investment


We provide clients with a wide range of linear actuators, varying in speed, stroke, length, force, and size. For your convenience, we have divided this vast product line-up into several categories for quick and easy procurement. If you are unsure which type you need, our resources page can answer your questions, or give our support team a call.


Sometimes having a big screen isn't enough. FIRGELLI carries lift systems to drop your screen down from your ceiling, or push up through your floor, cabinet, or other structures. Easy to install and shipped with all the equipment you will need to install your TV. Customer support is available if you need any help.


The latest addition to the Firgelli Automations product family is our column lift units. Featuring the latest in linear motion technology with quieter motors, programmable extended lengths, telescopic capabilities, and plug and play ease. These units are ideal for applications with automated home furniture, custom vehicles, in-air entertainment, large scale robotics, and more.


Currently trending at the workplace and at home is the use of the electric table lift. Our kits make it easy to convert our existing desk or table into an electric marvel in no time at all. Electric table lifts will change the working height of your surface allowing you to stand or sit while using your desk, reducing the effects of back pain, neck strain, wrist damage, and promoting proper blood circulation throughout your body.


All linear motion devices, whether meant to lift a tonneau cover on a truck, a boat hatch on a yacht, or a flat screen TV, require an electrical system to tell it what to do. Firgelli Automations provides an extensive array of simple and complex control systems to meet needs of a diverse range of applications.


In keeping with the theme of linear motion, Firgelli Automations offers three lines of linear slide rails, also known as guide rails, which clients often utilize to stabilize their automation projects and applications. Used for applications ranging from electric roofs for off-road trucks, to sliding bookshelves, vertical doors, automated paintings, cabinets, adjustable computer monitors, custom TV lifts, and so much more. Wherever you see linear motion, there is a component being used to keep it steady.


Often forgotten by suppliers, is the need to easily mount and install your products. We understand that your project is as strong as its weakest component. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a select range of brackets which are specifically designed with their respective actuators. Most brackets utilize the strength of clevis-type mounting, however some will go as far as attaching to the body of the linear actuator itself, providing flexibility in mounting options.


Sometimes the control systems, brackets, and innovative linear actuators aren't enough. This is the category where you will find all that your automation project is lacking. The little odds and ends are as important as the whole, and at Firgelli Automations we do not overlook the small stuff. Limit switches, relays, pulley cables, all of which can be vital to the design and operation of an industrial or home automation system.