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Linear actuators are used to convert rotational motion into a linear motion, with a push and pull effect. They can help with all sorts of technology and many industries, including opening automatic doors, car seats moving forward and backward, or open and close a computer disk drive.

The linear actuator uses an energy source to operate the mechanism that's integrated into a system. This results in a mechanical motion which enables it to perform many functions. The actuator converts the energy into a linear motion to move along a straight line.

The amount of energy used by a linear actuator is low, compared to other operating mechanisms. There are several types of energy sources for actuators including electrical, hydraulic, manual, pneumatic pressure, and even thermal or magnetic energy.

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The Importance Of Electric Linear Actuators

Electric linear actuators are the cleanest type of linear actuators. A motor is used to create electric energy to change the rotary motion into a linear or push and pull motion. They are the most eco-friendly without the use of liquids that could harm the environment.

In comparison, the hydraulic linear actuator uses nearby liquids to bring the necessary amount of force to create the motion. With the hydraulic, pressured is applied to a piston that slides along a tube. This sliding produces force, creating a linear movement along a single axis.

The pneumatic linear actuators use compress air or vacuum. Even though they don't use motors, they are less efficient than the electrical linear actuators. If less pressure is applied, it results in less force and less speed. This results in it not being useful for heavy applications.

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The Role of Electrical Linear Actuators In Automobiles

Electrical linear actuators in automobiles create high conversion efficiency and increase their power density. The actuators are energy efficient in comparison to other similar mechanisms. Here are some other qualities of electrical linear actuators in automobiles: They operate with minimal sound and less exposure to high temperature liquids, they eliminate the need for additional hydraulics equipment by creating point-to-point connections between the actuators and their devices, they reduce production time and the time needed to repair and less energy is required than fluid-powered alternatives.

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Electric Linear Actuators In Trucking Automation

When it comes to trucks, electrical linear actuators are beneficial. These mechanisms last over long periods of time and require little or no maintenance. As for heavy-duty vehicles, like trucks, they offer an array of qualities:
The actuator's compact design offers easy installations, low costs, and flexibility,
Electric actuators eliminate the needs for hoses and pumps that could possibly create leaks or weak spots, Automation in trucks provides increase comfort and safety for the operators and passengers. Automation applications on trucks include lifting and sliding, and these actuators assist in improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle and reducing the vehicle's weight. This results with improvement of the truck's fuel efficiency.

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How Do Linear Actuators Help With Load Capacity and Motion Control?

Linear actuators can be used for compression and tension for push and pull forces. When a linear actuator is dynamic, it is in motion. If the actuator is static, it is not in motion and holding a load in a fixed position.

Loading is defined by the forces that push toward or pull away from the actuator. The actuator's load capacity is decided by its ability to move and hold a load. The actuator's dynamic load capacity is measured by the amount of force needed to move a load. Static load capacity measures how much an actuator can hold without back driving or being damaged.

Load capacity is important for trucks in lifting and sliding heavy-duty materials into your vehicle. The electrical linear actuators would be best since they don't require use of liquids to apply force to create motion. With constant lifting and sliding of doors, steps, and lifts, it is best to find the actuator with longevity and precision.

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Selecting The Linear Actuator For Your Truck

There are some factors to look for when selecting linear actuators for your truck. Some factors include precision, energy, force, movement, and speed. Let's explore how these variables influence what actuators to purchase: 

1. Decide the type you need - Assess for the type of linear actuator you need based upon the type of motion, including lifting, or opening doors. FIRGELLI® will help you assess for the best linear actuator for your needs.

2. Figure out the best energy source - Electric linear actuators are the most energy efficient and can withstand high amounts of repetitive motions with trucks. FIRGELLI® specializes in electrical linear actuators that are high performance for truck automation, including motion control of covers and tractor mounts.

3. How precise is the linear actuator? - The level of precision that an actuator performs depends on the main use of the truck. Electrical actuators at FIRGELLI® have high levels of precision, especially in opening side steps and slide rails.

4. The amount of force required - Electric linear actuators are created to handle large amounts of force, to lift, slide and move a variety of objects and materials. FIRGELLI® high-premium electric linear actuators have the capability of 400 pounds of dynamic force and 800 pounds of static force, demonstrating their utilization for truck automation and load capacity.

5. The types of movement - Electrical linear actuators' movements are based upon the motors and stroke lengths. The length of the shaft or lead screw decides the stroke length. FIRGELLI® can help you choose the best actuator based upon your vehicles most common uses and actions.

6. The speed and weight - The weight required to move the load impacts the speed of the actuator. Actuators usually move slower if a large amount of force is required to move the objects.

Other factors to consider are environment, mounting, and space. Let the professionals at FIRGELLI® help you select the best electric linear actuator for your truck's needs. They provide efficient product selection and installation for all your projects.

FIRGELLI®'s wide array of 12v actuators means installing automation in your vehicle has never been easier. From truck covers, to bulletproof windows, to articulating tractor mounts and deploying side steps, we have you covered for all your projects.