Industrial & Farming

FIRGELLIĀ® gets a lot of requests for Actuators to be used in farm tractors for adjusting the hitch lift and many other moving parts. We also provide Actuators for many other industrial applications, and even for snow blower chutes.

How do you make a height adjustment mechanism for a tractor or any other farming equipment machine using a Linear Actuator?

This project used a heavy duty Linear actuator with 2000 lbs. force to adjust the hitch. The Actuator is pointing down for better waterproofing. The actuator's job is to pull the hitch up or down, making it much easier to connect a trailer and adjust the trailer height once connected.

A rocker switch is added to the dash to control the hitch height. This application uses our Momentary Rocker Switch, meaning that when the switch is released, the actuator stops.

Other customers have automated the tool box on their farm trucks; with a simple flip of a switch, the tool box is pushed back to back of the truck bed for easy access,Ā and the lid opens.

If you have a task that usually takes two people and needs to be done fast, consider FIRGELLI products to give you an extra hand.

Linear Actuators In Farming