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Standing Desks


Every model is powered by our renowned electric linear actuators that offer smooth and reliable height adjustment. The desk frames are made from steel to provide stable and durable support and are adjustable to fit your own desktop.  A programmable handset is standard with all our sit-stand desk frames so you can change the height of your desk at the touch of a button and seamlessly go from sitting to standing.

What Standing Desk Lift Do I Need?

With more individuals having the ability to choose to work remotely and the rising concern of the negative health effects of sitting too much, standing desks...

What Are the Different Types of Standing Desk Lifts?

A standing desk lift is a mechanism that allows you to convert your regular sitting desk into a standing desk. These mechanisms have risen in popularity as...

Are Standing Desks really good for you?

Studies show that standing at least every hour has many health benefits, in fact there is evidence to support this theory since the Apple I-watch has...

Why You Should Be Using A Standing Desk

Before you run out and quit your desk job, consider this simple solution: an electric Sit Stand Desk will allow you to decrease the amount...

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