Kitchen Automation

FIRGELLI® is proud to offer a wide variety of automation solutions for your kitchen. Whether you are trying to hide bulky appliances, a TV, or simply and effectively save space on your counter tops. FIRGELLI® has everything you need to create your ideal kitchen.

One of our most popular Kitchen automation Actuators is the Column Lift Linear Actuator. These are used extensively for lifting cabinet out of cabinets, and lifting appliances or other features out of cabinetry. Cabinet makes have been using these Column lifts for years because the offer the benefit of been quiet, smooth, maintenance free and have a remote control option. As seen on HGTV tv Show house crashers the same column lifts are used to lift back to back TV's out of a cabinet and also to lift a hidden drinks bar from another side table. The result of hiding such features is that you end up with a cleaner simpler look in your home, however we get many customers use these lift to hide safe's and secret drawers and stash boxes for their passports and valuables.  No one ever expects to see a drawer slide sideways from kitchen island, yet its the perfect place to do this sort of automation.

Pop Up Kitchen TV

In the banner image above we created an interactive feature to give you typical idea's of where you are likely to see FIRGELLI® Column Lift Actuators used the most in a kitchen environment.  These actuators and Column lifts are very easy to install and use, no engineering experience is required to install them, plus our range of actuators is just huge. 

For kitchen Automation applications we recommend a few different models. Firstly the Column lift as we mentioned above is ideal for most product lifts, and this column lift can also be used on its side to slide a cabinet or hidden drawer sideways. Also our Deluxe Quiet Linear Actuators are commonly used in home Automation because they are very quiet, plus they can push 100lbs weight no problem and the stroke options range from 3" to 36" with many options in-between.

If you need to go a little crazy we offer a more powerful and even longer stroke Linear Actuator. This Advanced Linear Actuators model has a industry beating stroke options from 5" to a whopping 60" in stroke, which is un-herd of in the industry.  Imagine what you can slide out, or lift or move with a 60" Stroke that can push 200-lbs of weight.  And if you are wondering how you would even be able to slide something out 60" without some special sliding system, well we have you covered there too because we also have created our heavy duty drawer slides to be able to slide up to 60" too. Capable of carrying up to 500-lbs weight these extra long stroke drawer slides are also a game changer in the industry because they allow a high weight capacity to accommodate some seriously long travels for that ultimate slide out feature that can be automated with our long stroke linear actuators too. The possibilities are endless.

Column Lift Project