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Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

      Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

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      Heavy Duty Drawer Slides Description

      Our 500 lb. Extra Heavy Duty Telescoping ball bearing Drawer Slides are specifically designed to support a range of specialty and commercial, Industrial and vehicle storage applications making them the perfect heavy duty cabinet hardware. Features a non-disconnect design with a longer pull life. These Heavy Duty Slide Rails are frequently used in RV's and Garages where deep cabinet drawers are been used that need to carry a lot of weight. 

      How do you choose which drawer slides are suited for your application? There are 3 options to consider, firstly the extension length, then the weight capacity and then the mounting location. Our Heavy Duty drawer slides have 3 different extension options and can carry up to 500-lbs weight. In addition they can be side mounted or under mounted (at a reduced weight capacity). 

      How to install drawer slides? We have created a helpful "Basic installation instructions pdf".

      • Height: 3” 
      • Thickness: 0.75”± 0.02” 
      • Load-bearing: 500 lbs (226 KG)
      • One set includes two slides
      • Cold rolled steel grade 235 and stainless steel ball bearings.
      • Exceptionally smooth and quiet.
      • Mounting: on both sides
      • What are the different types of drawer slides? Visit an article we wrote titles "What are the different types of drawer slides"
      • How do you install drawer slides? Read our blog post on "How to install Drawer Slides"
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