Armored Cars

Not everybody needs a bulletproof vehicle; but if you do, FIRGELLI actuators are going to be very important to your safety. It takes a lot of upgrades to turn a Mercedes G-Wagon into a bulletproof 6 wheeled APC, and each of those upgrades adds heft and weight. The thickness of the windows alone will become too much for your standard window lifter to handle. That's one of the places we come in.

This Mercedes-AMG G 63 6x6 has side windows using curved ballistic glass with a thickness of around 39mm. This means the electric window lift mechanism will no longer work. The standard window lift motor is only good for the 4mm thick standard glass, but ballistic glass weighs around 500% more. Armored car manufacturers are now turning to Linear Actuators to do the window lifting for them, and fast. 

Firgelli Armored Car

The Linear Actuator choice for each vehicle largely depends on the level of protection required. Lower levels of protection may require thinner bullet proof glass, thereby reducing weight allowing for a smaller Linear Actuator to be used. The most popular choice is this type of application is our Deluxe Rod Actuator with a 6" Stroke. It offers a fast 3" per second speed at 100 lbs. of force. It is easy to install thanks to the Clevis fittings on each end that offer a variety of mounting options, and enough force to lift a large 50mm thick bullet proof glass window. Longer and shorter strokes are also available, but this is the most popular for this application. 

Our Armored Window Door Lifter/Linear Actuator Solutions covers armored vehicles for every level, the most popular being B6 & B7 level. Armored SUVs, Armored Sedans, Armored Trucks, Armored Tactical Vehicles, and Armored Personnel Carriers all typically use this Actuator. If it needs to be secure, it uses FIRGELLI.