Home Entertainment Automation

It would not be Home Entertainment without any Automation! this is where the FIRGELLI® line of motion control products comes in. We have TV Lifts that Pop-up and Pop-down, as well as slide out sideways. We have heavy duty drawer slides for the longest of strokes required for any size TV or slide out cabinetry and all the electronics you need to hook it up to your built in home Automation mainframe computer that controls everything.

Our goal has been to be able to offer a wide variety of options to complete any Home Automation Motion control set-up. The only way we could do that was to offer Linear Actuators which are the back boke of any motion device, in a multiple range of strokes, speeds, forces and voltages and even configurations.

A majority of home Automation Projects that incorporate some level of motion control is a Pop-u TV lift mechanism. we have a range of these always in stock with different stroke options to be able to accommodate any size TV. Our TV Lifts systems are also very versatile as they offer different mounting styles such as floor mounting or rear mounting because you never know what type of cabinet or enclosure you are going to install this in. In addition out TV lifts offer different types of Lid mounting. Some people want to flip back the Lid as the TV if lifting out of the cabinet or the floor etc., but some people choose to have the entire lid also lift with the TV as it raises up and down. This allows you to add ornaments and drinks and they too will life gently up and down along with the TV without throwing them backwards and potentially destroying something.  We have written about the pro's and cons of each of these Lid mechanisms extensively and made a video to demonstrate both of these options on our Blog site.

For more custom Home Automation Motion control applications our Linear Actuators maybe more suitable because they come in hundreds of different strokes, speeds, forces and configurations to be able to fit with any motion project you have in mind around the home.  Installers like to use our Deluxe Linear Actuators mostly because they are quiet powerful and come in a rage of strokes up to a whopping 60" stroke, and can push/pull 200-lbs of force.

These Linear Actuators are typically used to slide out projectors, speakers, cabinets, pop out features, slide out fixtures, hide equipment and basically do all the lifting in an automated manner that gives your home that wow facture.

Flip Down TV

How Home Automation can make your life easier.

Not all home Automation application's are about creating that wow factor, some are about making someone's life easier around the home.  For people with mobility difficulties or the elderly its about making their life's easier by offering them an alternative way to lift or open and close something.  Linear Actuators are frequently used to make life easier for people in their home by doing things like raising and lowering cabinets, and desks. Perhaps they have a dog or a cat and with to have the patio door slide open to let them out. All these features can easily be achieved at the touch of a button with little integration.

Drop Down TV