Marine Applications - Custom Built Luxury

Automate your boat hatch to save time and effort on the high seas. Perfect for the times your skipper is asleep in the bulkhead and you see a squall on the horizon, but now, you only need to press a button to close your hatches.

Over the past twelve years, Firgelli Automations has had the opportunity to supply a few thousand clients with linear actuators for applications including boat hatches, steering controls, anchors, and many more marine uses.

To most people a pleasure boat is synonymous with luxury living. Whether it is a small motor boat, a large sailing boat or a luxury yacht, the owner expects a certain level of customization and automated features that will set his vessel apart from the crowd.
As a shipbuilder/enthusiast we are sure you will appreciate the flexibility and versatility offered by the our range of linear actuators, suitable for both internal comfort applications and external solutions that require powerful action and resistance to wind, water, salt and sun.

Actuator Boating Hatch

Provide a Higher Level of Comfort

For clients who are in the business of shipbuilding, we offer competitive pricing which can increase your return on investment: saloons, cabins and cockpits, our linear actuator systems are typically used for elevating tables, adjusting chairs and to extend or retract displays such as monitors or LCD TVs; just to mention a few comfort applications that could help you customize your vessel to meet customer demands and enhance your reputation as a shipbuilder and designer.
If you have special needs or ideas for how an electric actuator solution could make your boats stand out, our team of engineers and consultants will gladly work closely with you and your staff to come up with the perfect actuator solution.
The range of solutions we have already worked with include outdoor applications such as ladders, ventilation systems, engine hatches, collapsible mast and braces, storage access doors and more! Electric actuators are perfect for almost anything that requires an adjustment.

Firgelli's line of actuators are plug and play solutions that are very easy to install complete with actuators, columns, control boxes, control pendants and other accessories.

Comform Created With Linear Actuators