Home Automation

FIRGELLI® Linear Actuators for Home automation means you have the ability to motorize anything in the Home. From TV Lift mechanisms that hide your TV's out of sight, to Kitchen Automation that lifts appliance garages out of your counter tops and islands. These just a few examples on how FIRGELLI® Actuators can be used to move anything in your home.

Connecting our Linear Actuators and TV Lift systems to you're homes Automation system is possible thanks to our simple to use plug and play Linear Actuators, TV Lifts and other motion control systems. Linear Actuators are the back bone of every motion controlled device that requires something to be moved/lifted/hidden etc. This is why our Linear Actuators come in many different styles, forces, strokes and voltages to be able to accommodate any home Automation needs.

Kitchen Appliance lifts have become very popular over the last decade as people are looking for that un-cluttered clean look in their kitchen. Column Lifts are especially suitable for these such applications because they are very quite, can lift allot of weight and are very versatile. In fact 90% of Kitchen automation projects use Column Lift Linear Actuators for this reason.  

Firgelli Home Automation