12vdc Electric gear Motor 16:1 Ratio 400RPM

      12vdc Electric gear Motor 16:1 Ratio 400RPM

      Model #GM12-37-400
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      Looking for a powerful Gear motor? The Firgelli Gear motors have a high torque DC Motor output that run on 2-12vdc. Planetary style gear head for smooth noise free usage for long life, and great reliability. Ideal for medium to large robot projects. The shaft has a 6mm diameter and works great with our hubs or pulleys Links below. The flat on the Shaft is what you will tighten the set screw to in order to prevent the pulley or hub from rotating. Replacement motor for our Sleek Rod Tubular Actuators




      This is a 12vdc Gear Motor, the same type used in actuator FA-04 Model. It provides 400RPM at 12vdc has a 16:1 gear ratio. The rotating shaft has a flat so you can attach a pulley or gear to it. 


      • Temperature: 25° Celsius
      • Humidity: 90%
      • Motor Orientation: Horizontal
      • Rated Voltage: 12vdc
      • Voltage Operating Range: 6-12vdc
      • Rated Load at 12vdc: 1.50Kg-cm (Do not exceed rated load. Damage may occur)
      • No Load Speed at 12vdc: 400 RPM +/- 10%
      • Speed at Rated Load (1.50Kg-cm): 132 RPM +/- 10?
      • No Load Current at 12vdc: < 155mA
      • Current at Rated Load (1.50Kg-cm): < 466mA
      • Gear ratio: 16:1
      • Insulation Resistance: 10M ohm at 300vdc
      • Withstand Voltage: 300vdc for 1 Second
      • The gear motor is not intended for instant reverse
      • The gear motor does not include protection from water or dust etc

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