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3V / 5V Laser Diode Tube 650nM / 5mW / OD: 6mm

      3V / 5V Laser Diode Tube 650nM / 5mW / OD: 6mm

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      These industrial quality laser red dot tubing sensors are commonly installed on medical, military and commercial equipment. They are focus adjustable with low power consumption and good durability. They are also applied in hobby projects


      • Red laser pointer
      • Wave length: 650nm
      • Operation voltage: 3VDC
      • Dimension :6 x 10.5mm
      • Output power: 5mw-200mw
      • Transverse Mode: TEMoo
      • Switch: Momentary switch
      • Expected Lifetime: > 8,000 hours
      • Body Material: Brass