External Limit-Switch Kit for Actuators

External Limit-Switch Kit for Actuators

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How to wire external limit switch kit


External limit switch kit. To understand how limit switches work and how to wire them up we made a blog post with some instructions on how to do this. Click here to read our article on How to wire an Actuator with an External limit switch.

It is sometimes not possible to source a linear actuator which has the exact stroke length which you require, and sometimes the stroke length will vary with use. Firgelli Automations provides a solution for this, where you can purchase one actuator and shorten its stroke from factory by adding an external limit switch. These switches are very simple to hook up and will stop the actuator from moving past a set position.

When procuring an actuator, this is typically a good investment in case the stroke needs to be adjusted once installed, and a replacement actuator is not feasible.


Kit contains

  • 12 feet of 18 Gage black wire
  • 12 feet of 18 Gage red wire
  • 2 external limit switches
  • 10 spade connectors (male and female)
  • 2 fuse blocks with 10AMP fuse installed
Technical Drawings

Linear Actuator Wiring diagram

Linear Actuator Wiring diagram using 2 limit switches provided in each EL-KIT