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Infrared Laser Diode - OD: 5.6mm / Wave Length: 780nm Series

      Infrared Laser Diode - OD: 5.6mm / Wave Length: 780nm Series

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      A laser diode, or LD, is an electrically pumped semiconductor laser in which the Active laser medium is formed by a p-n junction of a semiconductor diode similar to that found in a light-emitting diode.

      The laser diode is the most common type of laser produced with a wide range of uses that include, but are not limited to, fiber optic communications, bar-code readers, laser pointers, CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc reading and recording, laser printing, laser scanning and increasingly directional lighting sources.


      • Package type: TO-18
      • Operating voltage: 2~2.8V
      • Operating current: CW 130mA
      • Wave length: 750~780nm
      • Operating temperature: -10℃~+55℃
      • Output: 3mW