Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slides | Lock-in and Lock-out

      Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slides | Lock-in and Lock-out

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      Heavy Duty Locking Drawer Slides Description

      A locking drawer slide is a type of drawer slide mechanism that includes a locking feature, allowing the drawer to be securely held in both the closed and open positions. This feature is designed to prevent unintended movement of the drawer, providing added safety and convenience in various applications.

      Advantages of Locking Drawer Slides:

      1. Enhanced Safety: Locking drawer slides offers an increased level of safety by preventing drawers from accidentally opening or closing. This is particularly important in environments where drawers might contain delicate, valuable, or hazardous items that need to be kept out of reach or handled with care.
      2. Secure Storage: When closed, the locking mechanism keeps the drawer firmly shut, guarding its contents from unauthorized access or spillage. This is useful in settings where the stored items need to be kept confidential, such as in office settings, laboratories, or homes.
      3. Convenient Accessibility: Locking drawer slides also enhance convenience. When the drawer is open, the locking mechanism ensures that it remains stable and stationary, even when subjected to movement or vibrations. This feature is particularly beneficial for workspaces or mobile units where drawers might be opened and accessed while the unit is in motion.
      4. Preventing Accidental Closure: In situations where a drawer might need to be accessed frequently, a locking drawer slide prevents accidental closure while users are retrieving or arranging items. This feature saves time and frustration by maintaining the open position until intentionally closed.
      5. Customized Usage: Many locking drawer slides come with adjustable locking mechanisms, allowing users to set the degree of locking force or engagement. This adaptability lets individuals tailor the locking feature to their specific needs, whether it's for heavier drawers, varying loads, or different applications.
      6. Versatility: Locking drawer slides finds application in various contexts, including office furniture, tool cabinets, medical carts, kitchen appliances, and more. Their versatility makes them a valuable addition in settings where safety and controlled access are essential.
      7. Preventing Sliding Movement: When fully extended, locking drawer slides can be locked in the open position, preventing the drawer from accidentally sliding back into the cabinet or furniture piece. This is particularly useful when working on projects that require continuous access to tools or materials.

      FIRGELLI Locking full extension drawer slides:

      Our heavy-duty locking drawer slides can carry up to 500 lbs and are equipped with a lock-in/lock-out feature. These Telescoping Ball Bearing Slides are specially designed to handle industrial, commercial, and vehicle storage applications. Such heavy-duty hardware is ideal for deep drawers, as found in RVs or other portable devices, which must securely carry substantial loads and lock while traveling.

      How do you choose which drawer slides are suited for your application? There are 4 options to consider in terms of length (extension), we have 30" 40" 50" and 60". All of them can carry up to 500 lbs weight.

      How to install drawer slides? We have created a helpful "Basic installation instructions pdf".

      • Height: 3” 
      • 3-stage Extension. 
      • Locking feature. Lock and Lockout
      • Thickness: 0.75”± 0.02” 
      • Load-bearing: 500 lbs. (226 KG)
      • One set includes two slides
      • Cold rolled steel grade 235 and stainless steel ball bearings.
      • Exceptionally smooth and quiet.
      • Mounting: On both sides
      • What are the different types of drawer slides? Visit an article we wrote titled "What are the different types of drawer slides"
      • How do you install drawer slides? Read our blog post on "How to install Drawer Slides"
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