MB1 Bracket

      MB1 Bracket

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      Mounting bracket for Linear Actuators. Fits all our Standard Classic Rod Style Linear Actuators and fits on both ends. Handles up to 5000lbs of force which is more than enough for most applications. These Brackets allow the Actuators to swivel 180 degrees and are nickel plated for rust resistance.

      More often than not, a Linear Actuator is only as good as how it's mounted. The MB1 Mounting bracket was specifically designed to work with:

      Featuring a clevis design with a pin for quick release, as well as an elongated mounting hole for easy adjustment, this is the most versatile bracket design on the market. Whether the application is heavy-duty and requires serious equipment, or a DIY home project, the chrome plated steel MB1 mounting bracket is ready to be fitted for quick installation of a Firgelli Automations actuator.

      To keep the clevis pin in place, a cotter pin is included however an R-Clip may also be used for regular quick release functionality. As with all clevis type brackets offered by Firgelli Automations, actuators are able to rotate just over 180 degrees pivoting on the clevis pin, this allows them to be used in a variety of 'hinge' applications as well as opening and closing doors or trunks, rotating solar panels, actuating agricultural equipment, and more.

      Please note each mounting bracket order contains 1 bracket and pin.

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