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Standard Brightness LED Kit - White / Green / Blue / Red / Yellow Color

      Standard Brightness LED Kit - White / Green / Blue / Red / Yellow Color

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      Package IncludesL: 20 pieces x each color = 100 pieces total

      These are standard bright intensity through-hole LEDs. The clear top is made with 5 different colored epoxies and emit a glow in 5 different colors, which are: white / Green / Blue / Red / Yellow. To make it glow, the longer lead should be connected with the positive (+) power while having the other one connected with the negative (-).  The brightness is decided by the electric current. For longer life it is suggested they be run under the current limit.


      • White emitting white/ Green emitting green / Blue emitting blue / Red emitting red / Yellow emitting yellow
      • Forward voltage: DC 3.2~3.2V (each color will be labeled with the corresponding color)
      • Forward current: 16~20mA
      • Wave length: 460~465
      • Luminous Intensity: 750~1000
      • View angle: 20~25 degree
      • Lead spacing: 1" (2.54mm)